Before and after pictures

Skin needling before and after

Skin Needling Facial Rejuvenation Photos

This lady was caught in a QLD bush fire receiving 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Cathy used the Scar reduction pack and our 0.5mm roller starting as soon as the scabs had fallen off and the initial inflammation reduced Cathy used the scar reduction pack weekly for 3 months after the burns. This photo is taken 3 months later. As you can see her fair skin is clear and healthy thanks to the treatment.
A 45 year old complaining of the dreaded
crows feet.
After 15 weeks the wrinkles are shallower and less noticeable.
This 55 year old women has slavic skin
but was concerned about the frown lines
occuring across her forehead.
After 15 weeks of treatment the lines are
barely visible.
This 65 year old women has striking bone
structure but was concerned about the
large lines that had developed on her
After 10 weeks you can see a dramatic
reduction in the lines between her
eyebrows below her eyes, around her
mouth and on her chin.

Hair Restoration Photos

A 35 year old man. After 6 weeks using the Hair Loss Pack
the hair is already beginning to thicken.
A 36 year old man who was thinningacross the whole scalp After 3 months using the Hair Loss packthere is a dramatic difference.


All photographs are provided by White Lotus Anti Aging. Individual results can differ regarding skin needling before and after


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We guarantee that none of these photos have been through photoshop to enhance their appearance unlike other skin needling before and after pictures.

Many people are unaware that the majority of images of the human body they see in magazines and on the internet have been through a photo editing software such as Adobe photoshop. These programs allow you to slim people, remove wrinkles and acne or enhance breast size simply and quickly. Industry experts estimate that over 99% of images in popular publications have been altered.

White Lotus does not photoshop any of its images as we believe this encourages unrealistic expectations for women and men about their appearance.

All our before and after photos have not been altered in any way and present a realistic example of potential results using our products.

We suggest our clients be wary of any site that displays pictures of dramatic overnight results that appear too good to be true. They usually are!
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  • Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.