Gua Sha with lymphatic drainage

Gua Sha and lymphatic drainage treatment  

This specialised gua sha technique can help with fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin, dry skin, flaky skin, puffiness, loss of firmness and those wanting to rejuvenate their ski

This is more of a conventional type facial with one major difference, your skin will not only feel smoother to you, your skin will look more radiant, fuller and have a warm glow .

These treatments are very gentle, very relaxing, have no downtime and include:

  • Treatment performed by a Chinese medicine doctor trained and experienced in traditional cosmetic facial gua sha treatments
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • General body acupuncture treatment to enhance the complexion by addressing organ function
  • Chinese medicine face mask tailored for your skin type
  • Hylarounic acid* treatment to deeply moisturise the skin if your skin is not puffy or oily

We recommend one treatment weekly for 4 weeks

All treatments are 45 minutes

Single treatment $120

Package of 4 $400 saving you $80

Results are individual and vary, however results should last 12 months if a proper skin care regime is followed along with a healthy lifestyle.

*Hylarounic acid may sound severe but it’s actually the opposite. HA retains moisture, maximises collagen levels and combats wrinkles and fine lines. HA is already in your body as a naturally occurring polysaccharide.