What is microneedling? 

A professional microneedling facial treatment will induce collagen production, the building blocks of your skin. This will promote skin regeneration giving you enhanced, and glowing facial skin.

One of the major benefits of having your microneedling treatment with Cynthia is that you will also receive a general body acupuncture treatment to improve your overall results. This is an important aspect to your treatment, for skin to glow from within we need to bring vitality to the face and one of the best ways to achieve this is to treat internal imbalances and improve organ function.

What you get with a holistic microneedling treatment

  • Treatment done by a trained and certified white lotus microneedling practitioner
  • Treatment done by a registered Chinese medicine doctor
  • High infection control standards maintained by using a new dermaroller for each client and each treatment. This eliminates cross contamination between clients and between treatments
  • General body acupuncture treatment to balance the system, combat stress, emotional upset or digestive upsets
  • Professional, confidential and dignified service

After care pack that includes,

  • 100% green tea oil to use between treatments. This minimises side effects and nourishes your skin without the use of harsh unknown chemicals that may irritate your skin post treatment
  • Information on what to expect from your treatment
  • Information on how to care for your skin post treatment

What microneedling can treat

Uneven complexion, scarring, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, dull, dry skin, flaky skin, non-pustular rosacea, facial rejuvenation, enlarged pores,

We recommend treatments to be done fortnightly as this allows time for the old collagen to completely breakdown making way for a new foundation of collagen. This also helps to create a new matrix layer that is thicker and fuller.

Microneedling treatment

50 minutes


Microneedling with targeted needle therapy- recommended for deep acne scarring

90 minutes


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